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Basic tips of dog care.

This is such an amazing feeling to own a puppy of your choice. If you have recently owned a puppy or planning to adopt one, this article is definitely going to help you with pet care tips. So just stay tuned.

The very first thing to observe is not to choose right accessories for pets, but to choose the right puppy. Right from the health perspective. Because if you are adopting a weak puppy, this may certainly have a number of health issues in the future those then would be a great source of pain for you. Due to prolonged breeding, we see many health issues attached to the puppies nowadays. So this is always better and advised to also examine the parents of the puppy whether they contain some serious issues with them or not.

The second most important thing is to immediately get your puppy dewormed and vaccinated. No matter how healthy it looks apparently, it may certainly have a number of potential threats that could harm you along with the rest of the family members. Dogs usually have contagious diseases that are very hard to treat when transferred to the human beings. So just never compromise and delay the vaccination process from a qualified doctor or health technician as this directly involves the health issues. It is better to get puppy vaccinated within first 7 to 8 weeks.

When it comes to the feeding matter, just like the human babies, we must give liquid diet to the young puppies as their digestive system also takes time to develop perfectly. so unless they don’t get their digestive system fully developed, try to give them liquid diets in early months. When we talk about the liquid food, the very first food that comes to our mind is milk. But hang on, the milk that we drink is not good for the pets or dogs as this escalates the number of worms in dogs stomach. So it is unfit for dogs. You can give cerelac, yogurt, or most preferably consult to the vet. And just gradually introduce semi fluid food to your pets.

Now let’s talk about how often you should bathe your puppy? Well, you must never bath them very frequently as this is not really good for their health at all. You can bath them once a week or preferably after a couple of weeks.

As far as the grooming is concerned, you can comb the dog according to its coat. If it is dense or thinner, treat it accordingly. In grooming, combing frequently is not harmful at all until done with a gentle comb that doesn’t hurt.

And finally, your dog needs exercise on a daily basis. So this is essential to take him or her on a walk very frequently and even daily if possible.

An in the end keep your dog socialized to prevent any kind of aggression in their behavior. Keeping them well gelled up and socialized really matters as lacking in this could cause mood swings in dogs and ultimately they could react aggressively.

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